Who dat:

I’m a firm extrovert and natural connector; it’s why I’ve done community-focused work for the past decade. I love helping people find what they need whether it’s the right peer, resource, or support.


I cut my teeth building communities within the media industry and managing large-scale projects. I’ve also done stints in more communications-focused work and can get very nerdy about newsletters and email data.

What I’m looking for:

I’m hoping to join a team that’s as stoked about community as I am and wants to create a best-in-class user experience. I love facilitating conversation and working on events, but also relish and opportunity to get deep into operations and develop new systems or workflows.

📱 Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me:

🤓 What I’m great at

📝 Community Strategy

Designing pathways for people to find that exactly right peer or resource. Thinking through how the community can help achieve business goals. Crafting a purpose and identifying targets.

💬 Event Design & Facilitation

I’ve designed everything from 1-hour Zoom sessions for intensive peer-to-peer feedback to 3-day in-person summits for executives to gather and talk shop. I especially thrive when I get to facilitate small-group conversations, ensuring everyone walks away feeling heard and with a question answered.

📣 Communications

Crafting messaging that gets the point across clearly and succinctly, whether it’s an email reminder, Slack announcement, or event recap. I’m really into newsletters and will hungrily dig into reader data any day.

🤝 Relationship Management

Cultivating relationships with external partners, internal stakeholders, or especially active community members who can be converted into ambassadors.

🎉 User Success

Guiding community members towards goals while ensuring they’re getting the most out of the experience. If necessary, providing one-on-one coaching or creating peer-matching programs for targeted support.

🧮 Reporting

Developing surveys or other infrastructure to gather necessary insights over time, and then building reports or presentations off of that data to help internal stakeholders and leader make decisions to iterate and improve.